Displaying Equations

As the owner and frequent user of a Kindle I am aware of the problems of displaying equations on an electronic display. The particular issue with the Kindle is vexing in many ways, and from the trail of comments

Equations on the Kindle

I am not alone in feeling this way.

Microsoft have provided an excellent equation editor and I use this a lot and have so far not found an equation that it can’t present. Okay so I haven’t done a huge amount of maths in the great scheme of things, but so far I am very impressed with it. I have published a few equations to my kindle via this method, and surprisingly they work, BUT only for for a few terms, adding identical additional terms causes a breakdown in the translation and the resulting “kindle” file is awful.

[The optional download Microsoft Maths 4.0 is also very good. Okay, even I have produced equations that it can’t resolve but generally its a very good product – and absolutely free (assuming you already have MS Word). Unfortunately it is not compatible with Mac and won’t install / run on the Mac Office Suite, which is a real shame. My main gripe with MS Maths is that when plotting graphs there is no user control for the major and minor grid settings, which would not be so bad if Microsoft had designed it to select half reasonable values. Still as and when required this is overcome by importing graphs from excel, which also works exceptionally well. Beware if you keep both the word and the excel document open after copying a graph into word as they stay linked and any changes will be transferred. To my knowledge once one or other of the files are closed the link is broken and can’t be re-established. If you know otherwise please let me know.]

Within this blog I have a need, perhaps I should say a want, to display equations I started doing a little research and came across jsMaths, so have had a little play with this, both on and off WordPress.com without a great deal of success. This is primarily due to my inability to follow the instructions as supplied by jsMaths .Although I have not got this fixed as yet, I believe it is due to the folder tree that I have created is not quite what Maths Union need me to create.

During this process I realise that I need  HTML 5 which is not available in the particular Theme that I had chosen, but was available in Theme Twenty Ten Five. Then I discover that this is available in WordPress but in WordPress.org not WordPress.com – this would be fine but as you can probably tell, I am not quite ready to commit to paying my way as yet.

During these investigations I then stumble across mathjax and this at first  glances ( ref Alexandre Borovik ) is looking a lot more promising so putting my problems with jsMaths to one side for the moment I will start a new trial. Watch this space.

Oh well, thats another idea up the spout, see my test blog and the explanation as to why it doesn’t work here

WordPress.com forum

It installed and worked immediately locally, confirming the comments raised elsewhere. I will keep on  as I am until I have a real need to use an equation editor here.

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